From Oriental Wisdom to Next Generation Therapeutics

Oriental wisdom-based medicine is based on empiricism and aims to improve the entire organism of each patient, i.e., “personalized medicine”, by considering the complex biological system as a whole. It has developed differently from Western medicine, which involves direct intervention at the site of disease. In the same way that the multiple components of crude drugs used in Oriental medicine have been clarified one by one at the molecular level through the development of science, and the action mechanism of crude drugs has been clarified, the mechanism of maintaining homeostasis in complex biological systems and the mechanism of pathogenesis caused by its breakdown have been clarified through the recent development of science, and the development of new drugs for the identified therapeutic targets and the development of new drugs for the identified therapeutic targets have been promoted. In addition to the discovery of new drugs and the development of new formulations for identified targets, new modalities of treatment have been developed.

At the same time, the use of machine learning / AI is necessary to utilize the vast amount of “information” obtained from research, as well as the vast amount of “information” obtained from patient medical record and real-time measurements. Machine learning / AI is a deductive approach based on empirical theory to reach conclusions, and in this respect, it can be seen as having similar characteristics to Oriental wisdom. By incorporating an inductive approach to the conclusions obtained by this deductive method (i.e., by providing a theoretical foundation to the data obtained by statistical analysis), new medical developments are expected. In order to contribute to the maintenance of health and better medical care for people around the world through the development of the field of pharmacy, we would like to create a program that will attract the interest of not only pharmaceutical science researchers but also pharmacists and pharmacy educators.

For convenience, the program will be divided into five tracks, but since there are many points of contact between research areas within the pharmaceutical sciences, there will be some overlap in content between the tracks. In particular, as mentioned above, “personalized medicine” and “information science”, which are related to the general title “Oriental Wisdom,” will be a common theme among all tracks

Track A: Cutting-edge pharmaceutical technology

Track B: Drugs in our body and patient safety

Track C: Information Science and Emerging Technology

Track D: Future medicines for better life

Track E: Promoting Medicines for Society

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